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Different Types of Spanner and Their Uses

A spanner forms a major part of the tool-box. If you are a regular user of spanners, one may find their several types lying in your tool kit. However, not everyone knows about the various types of spanners and their function. To carry out any repair or construction task well, one must know what kind of spanner should be used for a particular purpose. Here are some different types of spanners along with their uses:

Open-Ended Spanner

As the name suggests, an open-ended spanner has an opening at both the ends. These openings are U-shaped and come in various sizes. Open-ended spanners are one of the most commonly used spanners and are usually used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts.

Box-Ended Spanner

Both the ends have a loop-like structure in a box-ended spanner. The loop is designed in a way that it could easily fit hexagonal or square-shaped nuts. The loops on both the ends of the spanner are of different sizes and like open-ended spanners; box-ended spanners also come in various sizes to fit specific bolt and nut sizes. Since the sides of the loops are thin, these types of spanners are suitable for bolts that cannot be rotated with an open-end spanner.

Combination Spanner

Since both open-end spanners and box-ended spanners have their own perks, one can buy a spanner that fulfils the purpose of both. A combination spanner, as the name suggests, is a blend of both of these spanners with an open-end and a box-end on either side. While the box-end side can be used to loosen bolts and nuts, the open-end side can be used to separate the bolts. Since this is one of the most common uses of a combination spanner, both the ends are of the same size. However, combination spanners are available in different sizes.

These were some of the different types of spanners used to execute different types of jobs. Based on this information, you can buy the type of spanner that fits your requirements. Also, you can simply choose a Taparia spanner set that includes all the above-mentioned spanners and use them according to your needs.

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